Perfect for Household and Garden Tasks...
Extends by attaching to any mop or broom handle for an easier longer reach, Safer than using a ladder, Ideal for Oil and maintenance sprays, spray cleaners, wax, paint sprays, insect fly sprays, and much much more...

Health and safety at work...
Do you work in Building Maintenance? This is a tool that can aid to health and safety in the
workplace. If it helps you or your employees keep their feet on the ground, and avoid the use of a ladder or over stretching to use an aerosol in the workplace or home, that has to be a plus!

Are you a wheelchair user?
Need to use an aerosol where you cannot reach? And if you have a disability with limited movement that stops you bending over, or do you have limited movement in your arms? Maybe you just do not want to use a step stool or ladder? Or are you standing dangerously on a chair? Table top? Or the kitchen bench top!! Then "AimSpray Easy Reach" could be a big help when using an aerosol.
I don't want to get stung by wasp's. Aimspray allows me to spray a waspnest from a safe distance,
As a women "Creepy Crawlies" scare me, so I spray under my bed for "Spiders" and "Earwigs". using Aimspray I do not have to get under the bed anymore!
I was up and down a step ladder all day, plus I was carrying the ladder around with me all day, I was using a oil spray on building maintenance. I just carry An Aimspray now.

Aimspray is made from high quality materials, and is designed to be used with aerosol cans throughout the home, garden, workshop and more. Do you need to use an aerosol to spray that spider's web up in the corner of that high ceiling? Or spray that wasp's nest at more than a "safe" arms length away? or do you need to get to an out of arms reach place to treat and spray woodworm in the loft? Or paint over some graffiti on a high wall? Maybe you have a garage door hinge that needs to have a spray of oil to free it up, but it's out of arms reach? You could stand dangerously on a chair, or use a ladder and risk a fall, do you do engineering maintenance and need to get over or under an obstacle like a Truck Trailer to use some WD40 or spray grease, But Why? When this new tool is designed to fit on a broom or mop handle, and get to places you cannot. This means with the AimSpray you can use an aerosol safely.
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Prices are in UK Pounds. We will fully refund your purchase if Aimspray has supplied you with the incorrect product and guarantee that we will replace this product against defect in materials and workmanship provided it is returned to the place of purchase together with the purchase slip
PLEASE NOTE: Mop, Broom, Handles or Poles are User supplied
You will not be limited to a fixed angle or direction with Aimspray, the aerosol can be adjusted and directed in any direction, up, down, left, right, and also full 360 degree rotation
Easy Reach


Aimspray is an extendable and adjustable cable operated Aerosol Spray Can dispenser, that operates on any size of Aerosol Spray Can

remotely and from a safe distance using a simple hand lever
3 Meter Version Needs 3 Meter Pole
1 Meter Version, as seen in Video

(Fits Broom Handle)